I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

Los Angeles suddenly feels creepy and more dangerous than usual. One of my colleagues came back from his first visit to a Gun store. His face wasn’t white as a sheet, but he seemed really worried about something. Turns out that whist he was there, one of the customers had been talking his ear off about how it’s all going to kick off.

He probably didn’t use those exact words, after all this is Glendale not Chelsea. But after a day where no more than 2 customers came into our car dealership; I’d started to imagine how the next LA Riot couldn’t be far away.

Mention this to anyone with any sense, and they’ll tell you how that could never happen. How people are too afraid of catching Corona Virus that the last thing they’d want to do would be fighting close quarters. Yet, the scenes at Costco today seem very similar to the Black Friday behavior – and this is happening every day!

Ok boys! Looks like we’ll have t’ bunker down until they lift the no-crowds rule!
Everyone got TP?

I asked my bus driver friend on the Metro 90 if she’d picked up on this strange negative feeling if impending street riot. She said yes, that it seemed like some kind of Anarchist mob might suddenly take it upon themselves to invade people’s homes in search of food and toilet paper.

  • Don’t touch your face
  • Don’t touch my face
  • Wash your hands
  • Buy my artworks
  • Wash your hands again

Update: March 19th

Half the city is on voluntary lock down. Word on the street is that Mandatory home quarantining might happen as soon as tomorrow.

This lunchtime I was on the 90 heading down to Glendale when this asshole passenger started having a go at the driver for having the cold air conditioning on. He tried to get the rest of us to go along with his bullshit. Saying that we were all his friends. I turned to him calmly and said “I’m not your friend.” Anyway, he was trying to get the police involved and delaying the bus. Turns out he doesn’t have a tv service or a working phone. So he was bewildered as to why the store shelves were empty etc…

My Bus Driver friend had this to say:

Oh dear that poor silly man you don’t want to be on a bus that has the heater on in fact if you walk on a bus and it’s hot inside turn around and walk out that just breeds the virus we are supposed to have the AC on at all times the colder the bus the better health you will be in and yes people have been a bit abusive to us, but the good has outweighed the bad, there’s been some very kind and thoughtful people out there. My Philosophy there’s always more good than there is bad I’m sorry you had to experience that as luck would have it I am on a week’s vacation, but FYI the buses are now sterilized twice a day I’m bus drivers have Taken 2 wiping down and keeping a bottle of rubbing alcohol on them we are being extra watchful for anybody that has any sort of body fluids on them runny noses are cops we will deny those people a ride so far I have seen none. Thank you so much for looking out for the bus driver

I got what was happening and I could have said something about how my doctors waiting room has the door open to the elements, but I remembered that I didn’t want to justify my position or get into a spitting competition with an angry passenger so I just ignored him after unfriending him. This situation is really bringing out all the crazies though.

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