Tribute to Ralph Steadman

Welsh-born and UK-based artist Ralph Steadman has been creating art for over 60 years. Best known for his long-term collaboration with American writer Hunter S. Thompson, they created Gonzo journalism and the now-seminal Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Steadman’s artwork has always been provocative and sometimes controversial. From his satirical political cartoons to his downright sweet and sincere children’s books, Steadman has had a remarkable and unique career and is revered by generations of fans. His distinct ink-splattered style that he developed in the1970s still resonates today and can be found in projects such as rapper Travis Scott’s album cover art, Flying Dog beer, wine labels, and Vans shoes. In 2013, a documentary titled For No Good Reason – featuring long-time fan Johnny Depp – chronicled Steadman’s inspiring work. Steadman was also featured in one of Anthony Bourdain’s last episodes of Parts Unknown, and provided the cover art for Bourdain’s last cookbook, Appetites. Now in his eighties, Steadman continues to create art every day in his studio in Kent, England.

Ralph Steadman by Mark Young