About Mark Young the Artist

Artist Statement

My work explores the relationship between the comic absurdity and the way individuals choose to present themselves to their audience. With influences as diverse as Ralph Steadman, Terry Gilliam and David Bowie, new insights are manufactured from both constructed and discovered layers.

Ever since I was a pre-adolescent I have been fascinated by the essential unreality of the mind. What starts out as yearning soon becomes corroded into a dialectic of greed, leaving only a sense of unreality and the prospect of a new understanding.

As temporal replicas become transformed through studious and academic practice, the viewer is left with a tribute to the inaccuracies of our existence.

“Relinquish all control”
words of advice from Jack White, referring to songwriting, yet those same words are tru for artists. Let the painting decide what it’s going to become. Don’t force it.

Abstract pieces allow for more freedom of experimentation, allowing for deeper textures and a more cohesive color harmony than with figurative representations. Yet with both genre’s one should always strive to experiment.

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