About Mark Young the Artist

Artist: Mark Young

My approach to creating new art forms is constantly evolving.

There’s something of myself and the life I’ve lead that ends up in every painting, collage or sculpture I create.

Mark Young

Artist/ Photographer/ Illustrator

In my artwork, paintings or sketches, I strive to convey my ideas and feelings. People I admire and even some I despise. Some pictures are serious works of fine art, others are jokes or even cartoonish memes. However, all are by my own hand, using my small supply of paints and mediums which constantly appears to be outgrowing the little space above my corridor bookshelf in which I squirrel it all away. Life is so full of wonderful characters and evocative street scenes that I’ll never run out of subject matter.

I paint for inner peace or to give a piece of my mind…

Still taking my own selfies

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