Caricatures of Punk

Johnny Rotten

Sex Pistols Frontman

The Clash

Sid Vicious

Apologies for the swastika, Sid Vicious apparently wore it, designed in pink in order to insult the Nazis. (designed by Vivienne Westwood) The Sex Pistols were anti-Nazi and Nazis hated Gays, hence the use of pink.

The Fish?

As I looked at the picture I painted of The Jam, I imagined them all as fishes in suits.

The Jam

These were at their peak just as I discovered School Discos and needed something cool to dance to.

The Who

A caricature of The Who. Notice the chair with the words “Taken Away” It originally said “Not to be taken away”, but I used it to show how we lost the greatest rock drummer ever, Keith Moon.

Ian Dury

I caught his final performance at the London Paladium. Such a great loss.


Meeting the Ghallagher brothers exiting a party at 4am on a frozen January evening, I remember Liam’s swagger and attitude.

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