Turning a band into Anime characters

This week it occurred to me how there may be a way to reimagine my Son’s band, Rec Affect as anime style characters. I was thinking of the success Jamie Hewlett had with the Gorillaz.

So here goes:

Rec Affect are available on all major streaming platforms. They play live on Sunset Blvd, Hollywood every month.

Rec Affect live at the Viper Room playing Girl you Ain’t Shhhh…

Donald Trump

I painted this one of Donald Trump this week to mark the occasion of his arraignment in court. Although I’ve never been a fan of the former President, I can’t help but feel sorry for him. So I depicted him as looking melancholic. Perhaps he’s wondering why he ever bothered?

President Trump in court this week

Ghost in the window

We’ve been through the wettest winter in Californian history; so it’s probably no surprise to see the ghosts of the water are back.

Ghost of the Water
Apparition in the water