Sideways Street

Inspired by the baffling drawings by M.C. Escher; this street painting transformed into something absurd and delightful.

Sideways Street by Mark Young

Turning a Bird back into a Dinosaur

This started with a photograph I shot of a Pacific Coast Pelican when I was kayaking in in Redondo beach a few years ago.

Pacific Coast Pelican

When it came to me drawing the bird, I started out representing it as it is. But the urge to add teeth became too much for me. Then I just had to give it raptor claws and some feathered arms. Oh and the tail.

Pacificus oram pellicanus

The nearest living Dinosaur like bird is probably the Shoebill.

Does this look like a feasible dinosaur? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Weird Kid

I’ve been experimenting with this image involving scratchy textures, and color temperature. I was thinking of The Sith from Star Wars.