Deconstructed Mouse

Cubist Pumpkin

Cubism is characterized by: 

  • Using geometric shapes and forms from different perspectives of the subject 
  • Bringing different views of subjects together in the same picture 
  • Breaking down forms into geometric shapes 
  • Creating a more pure level of visual abstraction 

Cubist paintings show objects from many angles at once. The geometric touches can sometimes overtake the represented forms, creating a more fragmented and abstracted appearance

Inspired by a pumpkin I painted

The under painting
The original cubist pumpkin
Same pumpkin different angle

So tell me what you think of my artwork. How does it make you feel?

The BBC television Test Card with a twist

The first BBC television test card was designed in 1967.

I grew up with this on my TV during the ‘70’s, when there were only three channels. Half the time, there was no programming, so from midnight until morning they would display a test card instead of a programme.

Over the time, the clown really started to freak me out. So I decided to recreate it with Wednesday and a Ouija Board instead of the blackboard tic tac toe game.

Wednesday Test Card. By mark Young 2023