Tim Burtonesque

Inspired by the artworks of artists such as Tim Burton and Gus Fink

(any images I’ve copied from other artists are strictly not for sale)

Queen’s Gambit

I later used the sunken cheek bones and wide eyes of Burton’s “Ursula” for my Queen’s Gambit interpretation.

Weird Girl

a supporting character in Tim Burton’s 2012 Movie, Frankenweenie

Weird Boy

Another Bus-Sketch which I later inked. Notice the mask hanging from his ear?

Something by Gus Fink

Before an Artist can borrow, he steals.


I painted this one just to absorb Tim Burton’s style. It became inspiration for my Queen’s Gambit – see left pic

Victor & Frankenweenie

I sketched this one on the bus on my way to work. Try doing that in your Tesla, Mr. Burton. Actually don’t, just dont.

Who put Baby in the Corner

An eerie Gas Masked little girl.

Day of the Dead