Watercolors by Mark Young as Splattermarks

The Peaky Blinders

A few more Turnips from the Tip

Leon the Professional Hoarder
Ralph Steadman
Florence Italy

Watercolor is a Master medium, it is the immediacy of the medium and the way the pigment responds on your paper to your personal emotional response to your subject. It is as direct of a medium as can be, there can’t be any hesitancy while you are painting.

 Watercolor for me is all about the transparency and glow that you can achieve with this media that is not possible with other forms of art.  With oil, you can build texture and add lights, with acrylic you can get the solid covering of a shape, but with watercolor, you can glaze layer upon layer and still have the luminosity and lacey edges.

   With my type of paintings, it is all about the application of multiple layers.  I have learned to select the most transparent shades and if there is no opacity, staining or sedimentary qualities, I can lay down layer upon layer and still go back to white paper if needed.  Along with the luminosity of the medium, I have learned that there are some very cool techniques to create texture.  Watercolor is known as a smooth, immediate application so it is exciting to develop ways of acquiring depth and texture from a medium known for soft and transparent images.


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